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We are so excited to have the new state-of-the-art ResurFX laser that can tighten skin, even out skin tone, and minimize scars or stretch marks. Would you like a treatment that gives you deep resurfacing results without the long downtime? Call Dr. Marie Meyers now for an appointment or book online.


What is ResurFX?

ResurFX is an amazing treatment which basically treats your skin from the inside out.   It produces tiny columns of thermal destruction down to the dermis.  This stimulates your body to repair the damage by producing new collagen and elastin.  The treatment is non-ablative and does not remove the top layer of skin, thus lessening downtime, pain, or complications.  The revolutionary CoolScan technology also keeps the treatment much more comfortable than older procedures.  Since only one pass is needed, both treatment time and side effects are lessened.

What is ResurFX good for?

ResurFX can tighten skin, decrease brown spots or red blood vessels, and minimize acne scars, surgical scars or stretch marks.  It is a great rejuvenation treatment to improve pore size, texture and tone.  Because it penetrates so deeply, the results can be quite remarkable.

Who is a candidate for ResurFX?

All skin types can be treated, but darker skin requires test spots done several days prior to the procedure.  Pregnant and nursing mothers cannot be treated, nor can anyone with tanned skin.  Patients who have taken Accutane (for acne) in the past 6 months or who have had skin cancer cannot be treated.  Your full medical history will be reviewed at the time of treatment.

What is a treatment like?

Your skin will be cleansed and then the numbing cream applied.  You may feel the cold tip of the machine and then a tingle as the pulse comes through.  Afterwards you may be a little swollen and reddened, and you may feel some roughness as the skin heals.  These effects may last from a few hours to several days, depending on the strength of treatment.  All of these treatments are done by our doctor, and the procedure takes only about 30 minutes.

How are treatments spaced?

We recommend 4 weeks between treatments, and some patients like alternating these with IPL treatments monthly.  Typically 3-5 treatments are done initially, then one each year after that for maintenance.

What are the results?

Patients are thrilled to have a deep resurfacing treatment that is comfortable, fast, has minimal downtime, and produces beautiful skin.